How To Keep Your Face Healthy And Glowing

Our face makes that all-important first impression when meeting people. A great first impression can make or break relationships, both personal and professional. However, a woman’s face absorbs a lot of toxins during the day from makeup, sun exposure, and pollution. All of this can leave your face needing some TLC. Getting a facial norfolk va is always helpful, but there are some everyday things you can also do to help your face. Here are some ways you can keep your face healthy and happy.

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1.  Sunblock

The sun can be glorious and sunlight can give our body lots of Vitamin D. However, it can also damage your skin. To avoid sunburns that can lead to lines and wrinkles or even skin cancer, wear sunblock daily. There are some concealers with sunblock built in that can help your morning routine go a little faster.

2.  No Smoking

Smoking is a dangerous and costly addiction for a plethora of reasons. Many people get things like lung cancer and die. However, if all the long-term health issues aren’t enough reason to quit, then think of your skin. Smoking causes the blood vessels that go to the face to narrow leaving a pale complexion and takes oxygen and nutrients away from the skin making it unhealthy. Finally, the repeated action of smoking causes lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

3.  Moisturize

There are many soaps and products that we apply to our faces daily that dry them out. For this reason, moisturizers help quench your skin’s thirst and keep it younger looking preventing wrinkles from forming.

4.  Drink Water

While lotion can keep your skin’s thirst quenched, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. When you are dehydrated, your body works at its best level. When you are dehydrated, it can leave skin looking dull and saggy.

While a spa day and great facial are always great to help your skin keep a healthy glow, there are everyday things you can do to maintain a youthful appearance.

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