3 Must-Have Children Accessories for Formal Events

There is nothing cuter than a child all dressed up for a formal event. Little boys and girls can get away with more over-the-top frilly or sleek outfits than adults tend to be able to, and there is something strangely charming about that. If you want to pull your son or daughter’s outfit together as well as possible, however, here are three must-have accessories you need to have on hand.

1: Kid’s Ties

Kid’s clip on ties are preferred over those you tie, for several reasons. First, a clip on is a lot easier than trying to get a small child to hold still long enough to tie the neckpiece appropriately. Second, it is easier to take off at the end of the night when the little one is all tuckered out. Finally, there are no strangulation hazards with a clip-on.


2:  Formal Clips or Headbands

Large flower clips and headbands, or those bedazzled with rhinestones are an always popular choice for little girls. If you have problems deciding which one to use, there is a very simple method to remember. If your daughter’s hair will be down, use a headband. If it will be pinned or tied up, use a clip. You can find both items in a wide array of designs to match any dress or skirt suit.

3: Turn-Down Dress Socks

This classic accessory has defined little girl’s formal wardrobes for decades – and during some decades (like the late eighties and early to mid-nineties) they were simply the in thing to wear, no matter how casual the outfit was. Turn-down dress socks with little frills come in a variety of colors, but if you keep a set of white ones and a set of black ones on hand you can match nearly any formal outfit.

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