Palm Springs Salvation

Richie and Maddie were professionals from the East Coast, dedicated to their careers, and dedicated to each other. They had been married for eleven years.

resorts in Palm Springs

They got to spend very little time together, and this broke their hearts.

Maddie had always felt a connection to the promised land of California. Her attraction to the sunny state where movie stars and everyday people sought out the newness and hope of the West seemed almost mystical. Knowing his wife so well, Richie began searching out for resorts in Palm Springs.

He could golf while Maddie sunbathed.  In the evenings they could dine and dance and rekindle their love. Maddie didn’t need much convincing. Soon, this couple, so impassioned for each other, was airborne. They were deeply passionate about their work, too. They knew that sometimes work just had to wait.

Often, life gets away from us. Even the most faithful romantics; even the most resolute family; even the deepest of friendships, can become frayed and neglected. Life happens-the responsibilities of work and family.

When we start seeing those tears in the fabric of life, its time to be bold. Its time to be different. Its time to get away, to hold our loved ones more closely in a place away from our everyday lives.

Such a getaway should include amenities and activities for each person to enjoy. Such a getaway should provide plenty of time for reconnecting and rediscovering each other.

We all arrive at a place of stress and disconnection from our loved ones. It happens. It happens quickly. It should be a catalyst for change, a new beginning for those relationships we cherish the most.

When Richie and Maddie traveled back home, friends and work colleagues said that they gleamed as brightly as any Hollywood star.

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