exercise board

Squats are an exercise that more and more people are doing, as they provide a number of aerobic and muscle-building benefits that you simply cannot get from other exercises.  Unfortunately, when most people do squats for the first time, they often do them incorrectly.

Thankfully, there are products on the market that can ensure that you do your squats correctly every single time.  Here are some of the benefits you will get from using a squatting board.

Physical Cues

An exercise board will generally provide you with a tipping beam, which will give you physical feedback so that you know that you are in the right position at all times.  Unfortunately, verbal instruction can only help you so much, and when it comes to getting that perfect balance, the physical cues that you will get from a squatting board will help you a whole lot more.

By simply standing on the board, you can tell whether or not your weight is distributed properly, which will help you to always begin and end your squats in the perfect position.

Visual Cues

Most squatting boards will include a center of gravity line, which basically shows you visually where your heels ought to be on the board in order to have the best balance.  Again, while verbal cues can be helpful, they simply are not as effective as the visual cues that you will get when you use a squatting board.

The Perfect Form Without Instruction

These physical and visual cues will enable you to always have the perfect form every time you perform squats.  Once you have perfected your technique, you might be able to do without a squatting board, but for beginners, it is highly recommended that a piece of equipment like this is used.